About us

The Lidia Kopina Company was founded as an independent theatre company in December of 2013. The creator and the leader of the company is director and actress Lidia Kopina. The creative method of the Company is based on different techniques of both physical and psychological theatre. Since its foundation The Lidia Kopina Company has produced the performances “Wandering Time”, “Red Tree”, “Road”, “The Body Memory”, “Sound Reflexion”, “The Dance of Silence”, “Equilibro”, “The White Sheet” and also the improvisational and photo actions. The company took part at the XXIV International Festival of contemporary and experimental theatre in Cairo, “The Open Look” contemporary dance festival in Saint-Petersburg, the Festival “Afisha Picnic 2015”, “WAFEst”, Festival “F.Act”, “Art.Who.Art” and in the programs of The Museum Night 2015, The Night of Arts 2015, The Night of Theatre 2016, the exhibition “Looking for the Lost Sound. Noise and synthesis” and the program “Don’t make noise” in the Pestchyanaya Ground Gallery.

Lidia Kopina has graduated The Saint-Petersburg University of Culture and Art in 2006. Her previous works were the solo performance “Settimana”, “Love – Eros - Madness”. Lidia had a long partnership with theatre “Derevo” (Germany, Dresden), ricci/forte performing arts ensemble (Italy), Pippo del Bono (Italy). Lidia took part in Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (Scotland, 2012), V International Festival of Arts in Delhi (India), II International Theatre Festival “En la Gran Carpa por la Paz” (Columbia), “Starting Point” Festival, “Monocle”, “Christmas Parade” in Saint-Petersburgh, Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk (Belorussia), The NET Festival and Stanislavsky Seasons in Moscow (Russia), Budapest spring festival (Hungary), Platonov art festival in Voronezh (Russia), The Festival of Street Theatres in Radebeul (Germany), Latitude festival (The Great Britain), “Afisha Picnic 2015”, “The Open Look” festival in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), XIII Festival of liberal theatre (Jordan). Lidia Kopina is also cinema actress and the musician in the rock band “AVIA”.